by: Chad Young We hear people say we should love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, but what does that mean? Or more importantly, what could it look like to fall in love with God? Now on Amazon! - BUY BOOK

“Chad, jump on the gator’s back!”

In a split second, a decision had to be made. Did Chad love his future brother-in-law enough to help him control a powerful seven and a half foot alligator? Ultimately there was a subconscious devotion toward Frank that affected his decision on what to do in that moment. We all face decisions every day in our lives. Some of them are small decisions, but others are potentially life altering. What we decide to do in those split seconds comes down to this, which is true for all of us: We all have beliefs about life and love, about what is most important, and we all act on those beliefs.


Overview of book

In this book, Wrestling with Faith, Love, and Gators: Overcoming Barriers to Fully Loving God, Chad Young addresses what many Christians are missing: being in love with God. The lack of genuine faith and love in the church as well as the seemingly fewer and fewer Christians who are “all in” are the main reasons why 59% of college students who grew up with a Christian background are leaving the Christian faith. You hear people say we should love God with all our heart, soul and mind, but what does that really look like? Chad uses his own faith journey and humorous stories to call readers to a deeper, legitimate love for God.

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“Chad, jump on the gator’s back!”

About author
Chad Young

Chad Young works in full-time college ministry, serving as Cru Global’s national director over the southeast region, leading the ministries in FL, GA, AL, and MS. He has served on the staff of Cru for thirteen years. He is the author of Authenticity: Real Faith in a Phony, Superficial World (InterVarsity Press), a discipleship-training manual, and magazine articles for Worldwide Challenge and The Collegiate. He frequently speaks at retreats and conferences and regularly writes devotionals for his website. Chad, with his wife Elizabeth, travels the country to speak at churches and train church leaders how to make Biblical disciples. Chad currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife Elizabeth and their four young children, Wyatt, Clark, Evelyn, and Josilynn. His hobbies include cheering on his kids in sports, following college football, and laughing with family around the backyard fire pit.


What Others Are Saying About The Book

Trent Fasnacht, TV Host —American Rehab Charleston

REVIEW-IMAGES-TRENT-2Wrestling with Faith, Love, & Gators is a medley of scriptural anchors, modern day perplexities, inspirational testimonies, and Chad’s self-deprecating anecdotes that all work together to serve as powerful, point-driving guidance. Each chapter put together help make Wrestling with Faith, Love, & Gators both refreshing and eye-opening whether one is new to the faith or a long-time believer in need of renewal. Page after page Chad writes with a steady mixture of maturity, wisdom, and humility providing insightful answers to questions, old and new, about Christianity. Trent Fasnacht, TV Host —American Rehab Charleston, Freelance Home Renovator, Blogger—Blood, Sweat, and Pig’s Ears

Alex McFarland, Director, Apologetics and Christian Worldview, North Greenville University

REVIEW-IMAGES-ALEX-MCFARLANDThese days, it seems like everyone is talking about how to connect with millennials and younger in order to present Christian truth effectively. It is always a joy to come across a resource that does this well, and this is definitely the case with Chad Young’s new book, “Wrestling With Faith, Love, and Gators: Overcoming Barriers to fully Loving God.”  In addition to having a really cool title (which it does!), this book stirs the heart, informs the mind, and motivates the soul! Chad’s ability to communicate truth via riveting stories and true-life accounts is what makes this book such a perfect work for the times in which we live. I highly recommend it. Alex McFarland, Director, Apologetics and Christian Worldview, North Greenville University

Rick Brewer, PhD, President of Louisiana College

REVIEW-IMAGES-BREWER“Chad Young’s Wrestling with Faith, Love, & Gators serves to remind us that the basic elements of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is found in the framework of the Great Commandment. Through personal stories, Scripture, and the words of an eclectic cadre of writers, Young provides insight and encouragement for young adults seeking to sort out the hard issues of life in the Light of Gospel Truth. Here is a book you will want to share with your Bible study group or with that skeptical friend who is seeking authentic answers to life’s tough issues. Rick Brewer, PhD, President of Louisiana College

Dr. David Horner, Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Biola University, Author of Mind Your Faith

REVIEW-IMAGES-DR-HORNERThrough adventures with gators, spiders, waterbeds, and junior high bullies—and stories of real people and students learning how to follow Jesus every day—Chad Young invites us into the astonishing adventure of loving God. Winsome, vivid, practical, insightful, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sobering, but always wise: this is a good friend’s guide to what Jesus called the most important thing in life. Join the adventure! Dr. David Horner, Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Biola University, Author of Mind Your Faith: A Student’s Guide to Thinking and Living Well (IVP Academic)

Lillian Duncan, Author of the Deadly Communications Series

REVIEW-IMAGES-DUNCANWrestling with Faith, Love, & Gators is a winner! Whether you’re young, old, or in-between, you’ll love Chad Young’s style of writing. He mixes biblical truths while sharing his own life experiences. Some of which will make you shake your head and ask, ‘what was he thinking?’ Reading it is more like sitting around the dinner table swapping stories than reading a book. In fact, by the time you finish reading this book, you’ll probably want to invite him to dinner! Lillian Duncan, Author of the Deadly Communications Series

Roger Hershey, Cru staff speaker, Author of The Finishers

REVIEW-IMAGES-HERSHEYAlligators, green biscuits and lighting on a lake—the best part about Chad’s masterful story telling is that his illustrations really make the point clear and it sticks! My friend Chad is so real and authentic that his life perspectives in his book make you want to pursue Jesus and trust him enough to jump into an empty swimming pool, believing the Lord will fill it as you jump. His wisdom through scripture and story makes you respond with, “Well, of course, why wouldn’t I wholeheartedly surrender to Jesus!” Roger Hershey, Cru staff speaker, Author of The Finishers